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For the Love of Chicken
Ima Jean
The Flock
Bertha and Ebenezer

Bertha and Ebenezer enjoy their evening bike ride until Ebenezer experiences a cramp in his chicken thigh...

A Place for Everything
Bunny Patch
Science Class
Watership Down
The Potting Shed
Secret Admirer
Pan Pensively Pondering his Pastry P
Undersea Garden

A Most Unpleasant Pheasant

Pirate Cats
Elwood's Uncomfortable Stare
The Librarians
Three's A Crowd
Never a Dull Moment

Soleil crouched like a kitten. She was determined to capture, hold and cuddle a stray bird that had the unfortunate luck of flying into the window of her playroom.

The Slightest Movement
You Are Not Alone

Mac couldn't help but feel he wasn't alone. He looked left. He looked right. He looked up. He looked down. He seemed to be alone."Hmmm..."he thought, this is most peculiar.

Snowy Stowaway
IMG_4631 2
Dinner Party
Wild Night at the Ornithology Club

Luther played base, three starlings sang tenor and Gene did a solo square dance for the crowd. They played and danced with unabashed vigor as the flock of feathered friends gathered to watch their snappy routine.

Al's Many Moods

Monsieur Al's mood could mostly be described as "keep walking-you've got no business looking my way." Most of his acquaintances get the point; except for mouse that is.

The Meadow Refuses No Squirrel
Walden's Red Bike
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